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Dedicated to a better bus stop experience.

Well, with a name like Externiture, it should be obvious. We are hugely into external furniture. More specifically, we are big into bus stops. We love to make passenger information be as good as it can be.

We have a great team of around 30 or so, working across the UK. Have a look at some of the exceptional people who make Externiture so good.


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Covering the whole United Kingdom.

From Slough with 400 to SPT with 14000 stops, we work across the UK for cities and counties, bus operators and PTEs, manufacturing, installing and maintaining bus stop infrastructure.

We do something different for everyone we work with. So you might want timetables printed, or you might need raised kerb installation, or a full bus stop upgrade. Once we are on your wavelength, we will do whatever it takes to succeed with our clients.


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Management Team

Creativity | Planning | Delivery

team matt stagg

Matthew Stagg

Managing Director

team karen stagg

Karen Stagg

Operations Director

team operations phil horsley

Phil Horsley

Production Supervisor