Bus Shelters

From modular aluminium bus shelters to English oak bus shelters

Our range of public transport waiting bus shelters are available in many different, contemporary designs. Sizes range from a single bay shelter to full walkways, thanks to the modular design.

All bus shelters come with options for toughened glass, polycarbonate or solid panels, with integrated water management and electrical cabling.

With so many designs, the Externiture range of bus shelters is suitable for city centres, bus stations and the full range of suburban and rural locations.

Other options include integral advertising, LED lighting and solar power.


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Brookes Bus Shelters

Brookes Bus Shelters. An excellent, low-cost and low-maintenance bus shelter.

City Light Bus Shelters

City Light Bus Shelters. Specifically produced for the UK market.

Sharp Bus Shelters

Sharp Bus Shelters. A modern design with a refined touch.

Utopia Bus Shelters

Utopia Bus Shelters. A superb, elegant and strong structure.