the life of an installation

From a single repair to an area upgrade, how can you achieve more?

Join the councils and bus operators from across the UK who now use Externiture to solve their public transport infrastructure needs.

From major bus stop installation projects to a handful of timetable cases, or even a dedicated maintenance team, have a look at how we can help you maximise your budget and get fantastic looking infrastructure and information.

We can manage the entire process from supply of high-quality bus stops to lifetime maintenance. Come and have a look at how we do it.

making it easier

How can we turn your data into knowledge?

Managing your bus stops can be complex and take up your time. So, you need a partner who does what they promise.

For example, say you want to upgrade a route. Or maybe you just need to something repaired. Let Externiture have a look at how we can make the process as easy as possible for you.

Our experience shows us that the key to doing it properly starts with managing information. An A-Z photocopy cuts no mustard now-a-days. Luckily, managing data is what we are great at!


making it easier

turn data into knowledge

Leave it up to us to make your data work.

turn data into knowledge

How much time do you spend trying to copy and paste names into a spreadsheet? Too it time for someone to help out?

You could tell us which route you want to upgrade. Or the bus stop name or ATCOCODE.

Once we have that, we can find everything else. We have information for every bus stop in the country. And if you need to see the full picture we can do a total survey to put you right in the picture.

How much time will that save you?

use the knowledge

To make rapid investment choices with the right information.

What could have taken weeks is prepared in hours. And it is right up to date.

Now we start to manage your information. By tying together databases we can suggest the type of infrastructure you need, right down to the size of the flag you need or the exact electrical requirements.

And you get our collected knowledge, together with costs, so you can confirm exactly what you want.


use the knowledge

now the planning begins

And you have visibility every step of the way.

Now the planning begins. We plan, you check

We'll help you achieve what you set out to do by staying on top of the requirements.

Complex information has been simplified. And you have had a chance to confirm your requirements. So now you are ready, we can start things moving.

We keep track of changes to route numbers, make sure everything is up to date. We produce the final specifications and you sign off. And then we are ready to make things really happen!


Getting to the right place

Or how to find a bus stop in a bus stop haystack.

We specialise in getting customised kit to the right geo-location. This is not an easy job...

Now you have signed off, we begin manufacturing. Sometimes one or two have to drop out, or a new one is added. But we keep track of that so you always have the right information.

Four installation locations cover the entire country. But if you want, we can supply the components to you, for your teams to install. Check out the Learning Centre for helpful videos.


Getting to the right place. Or how to find a bus stop in a bus stop haystack

The Handover

A picture is worth a thousand words. and saves you a trip.

the handover

Has anything happened out there? Have we done the work? Yes, and you will know it...

Do you have the time to visit every site? Probably not. Which is why you will get a full set of labelled photographs and commissioning data from us, normally within 48 hours of installation.

So once the installation process is complete you have full satisfaction that what you specified has been installed at exactly the right location.


We maintain

From emergency to planned maintenance, and almost everything in between.

Every bus stop needs maintenance. If you want us to...

Your new installation is going to look great and last a long time. And to keep it looking its best, we offer a range of scheduled and reactive maintenance services.

From cleaning to electrical inspections, our team of engineers can help you to keep your public transport infrastructure functioning perfectly.


We maintain, or you do. From emergency to planned maintenance, and almost everything in between.